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  • Linewidth of higher harmonics in a non-isochronous auto-oscillator: Application to spin-torque nano-oscillators
    PhysRevB 86 104418 (2012)
    M. Quinsat,V. Tiberkevich,D. Gusakova,A. Slavin,J. F. Sierra,U. Ebels,L. D. Buda-Prejbeanu,B. Dieny,M.-C. Cyrille,A. Zelster,and J. A. Katine
  • Temperature dependence of the emission linewidth in MgO-based spin torque nano-oscillators
    ApplPhysLett_101_062407 (2012)
    J. F. Sierra, M. Quinsat, U. Ebels, D. Gusakova, I. Joumard, A. S. Jenkins, L. Buda-Prejbeanu, B. Dieny, M.C. Cyrille, A. Zeltser, J. A. Katine
  • Linewidth reduction in a spin-torque nano-oscillator caused by non-conservative current-induced coupling between magnetic layers
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 052501 (2011)
    D. Gusakova,M. Quinsat, J. F. Sierra, U. Ebels, B. Dieny, L. D. Buda-Prejbeanu, M.-C. Cyrille, V. Tiberkevich, and A. N. Slavin
  • Injection locking of tunnel junction oscillators to a microwave current
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 182503 (2011)
    M. Quinsat,J. F. Sierra, I. Firastrau, V. Tiberkevich, A. Slavin, D. Gusakova, L. D. Buda-Prejbeanu, M. Zarudniev, J.-P. Michel, U. Ebels, B. Dieny, M.-C. Cyrille, J. A. Katine, D. Mauri, and A. Zeltser
  • Amplitude and phase noise of magnetic tunnel junction oscillators
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 182507 (2010)
    M. Quinsat, . Gusakova, J F. Sierra, J. P. Michel, D. Houssameddine, B. Delaet, M.-C. Cyrille, U. Ebels, B. Dieny, L. D. Buda-Prejbeanu, J. A. Katine, D. Mauri, A. Zeltser, M. Prigent, J.-C. Nallatamby, and R. Sommet
  • Spin Torque Driven Excitations in a Synthetic Antiferromagnet
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 96, 072511 (2010)
    D. Houssameddine, J. F. Sierra, D. Gusakova, B. Delaet, U. Ebels, L. D. Buda-Prejbeanu, M.-C. Cyrille, B. Dieny, B. Ocker, J. Langer, W. Maas.
  • A GHz Spintronic-Based RF Oscillator 
    IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits
    P. Villard, U. Ebels, D. Houssameddinne, J. Katine, D. MAuri, B. Delaet, P. Vincent, M. C. Cyrille, B. Viala, J. P. Michel, J. Prouvee, F. Badest
  • Temporal Coherence of MgO Based Magnetic Tunnel Junction Spin Torque Oscillators
    Phys. Rev. Lett.102, 257202 (2009)
    D. Houssameddine, U. Ebels, B. Dieny, K. Garello, J.-P. Michel, B. Delaet, B. Viala, M.-C. Cyrille, J. A. Katine, and D. Mauri
  • Spin-polarized current-induced excitations in a coupled magnetic layer system
    Phys. Rev. B79, 104406 (2009)
    D. Gusakova, D. Houssameddine, U. Ebels, B. Dieny, L. Buda-Prejbeanu, M. C. Cyrille, and B. Delaët
  • Spin transfer induced coherent microwave emission with large power from nanoscale MgO tunnel junctions
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 022505 (2008)
    D. Houssameddine, S. H. Florez, J. A. Katine, J.-P. Michel, U. Ebels, D. Mauri, O. Ozatay, B. Delaet, B. Viala, L. Folks, B. D. Terris, and M.-C. Cyrille
  • Spin-torque oscillator using a perpendicular polarizer and a planar free layer
    Nature Materials 6, 447 (2007)  
    D. Houssameddine, U. Ebels, B. Delaët, B. Rodmacq, I. Firastrau, F. Ponthenier, M. Brunet, C. Thirion, J.-P. Michel, L. Prejbeanu-Buda, M.-C. Cyrille, O. Redon, B. Dieny 

  • Identification and selection rules of the spin-wave eigenmodes in a normally magnetized nanopillar
    Phys. Rev. B 84,  224423 (2011)
    Naletov, V. V. and de Loubens, G. and Albuquerque, G. and Borlenghi, S. and Cros, V. and Faini, G. and Grollier, J. and Hurdequint, H. and Locatelli, N. and Pigeau, B. and Slavin, A. N. and Tiberkevich, V. S. and Ulysse, C. and Valet, T. and Klein, O
  • A Frequency-Controlled Magnetic Vortex Memory
    Applied Physics Letters 96, 13 (2010) 132506
    B. Pigeau (SPEC), Grégoire De Loubens (SPEC), O. Klein (SPEC), A. Riegler, F. Lochner, G. Schmidt, L.W. Molenkamp, V. S. Tiberkevich, A. N. Slavin
  • Optimal control of vortex-core polarity by resonant microwave pulses
    Nature Physics 7, 26 (2011)
    Benjamin Pigeau, Grégoire de Loubens, Olivier Klein, Andreas Riegler, Florian Lochner, Georg Schmidt and Laurens W. Molenkamp
  • Bistability of Vortex Core Dynamics in a Single Perpendicularly Magnetized Nanodisk
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 177602 (2009),
    G. de Loubens, A. Riegler, B. Pigeau, F. Lochner, F. Boust, K. Y. Guslienko, H. Hurdequint, L. W. Molenkamp, G. Schmidt, A. N. Slavin, V. S. Tiberkevich, N. Vukadinovic, and O. Klein