Publications from Mosaic project


Publications 2013

  • A.D. Belanovsky, N. Locatelli, P.N. Skirdkov, F. Abreu Araujo, J. Grollier, K.A. Zvezdin, V. Cros, A.K. Zvezdin
    "Numerical and analytical investigation of the synchronization of dipolarly coupled vortex spin-torque nano-oscillators"
    Appl. Phys. Lett 103, 122405 (2013)
  • P. Bortolotti, E. Grimaldi, A. Dussaux, J. Grollier, V. Cros, C. Serpico, K. Yakushiji, A. Fukushima, H. Kubota, R. Matsumoto, S. Yuasa
    "Parametric excitation of magnetic vortex gyrations in spin-torque nano-oscillators"
    Phys. Rev. B 88 (17), 174417 (2013)
  • O. V. Sukhostavets, B. Pigeau, S. Sangiao, G. de Loubens, V.V. Naletov, O. Klein, K. Mitsuzuka, S. Andrieu, F. Montaigne, K. Y. Guslienko
    "Probing the Anharmonicity of the Potential Well for a Magnetic Vortex Core in a Nanodot"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 247601 (2013)

Publications 2014

  • A. Hamadeh, N. Locatelli, V.V. Naletov, R. Lebrun, G. de Loubens, J. Grollier, O. Klein, V. Cros
    "Perfect and robust phase-locking of a spin transfer vortex nano-oscillator to an external microwave source"
    Applied Physics Letters 104, 022408 (2014)
  • A. S. Jenkins, B. Lacost, G. Geranton, D. Gusakova, B. Dieny, U. Ebels, L. D. Buda-Prejbeanu
    "Current Driven magnetization dynamics of a self-polarised synthetic ferrimagnet"
    J. Appl. Phys. 115, 083911 (2014)
  • E. Grimaldi, A. Dussaux, P. Bortolotti, J. Grollier, G. Pillet, A. Fukushima, H. Kubota, K. Yakushiji, S. Yuasa, V. Cros
    “Response to noise of a spin transfer vortex based nano-oscillator”
    Phys. Rev. B 89 104404 (2014)
  • A. Hamadeh, N. Locatellu, V. Naletov, R. Lebrun, G. De Loubens, J. Grollier, O. Klein, V. Cros
    “Origin of spectral purity and tuning sensitivity in spin transfer Vortex Nanooscillator.”
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 257201 (2014)
  • A. Dussaux, E. Grimaldi, A. Dussaux, E. Grimaldi, B. Rache Salles, A. Jenkins, A.V. Khvalkovskiy, J. Grollier, H. Kubota, A. Fukushima, K. Yakushiji, S. Yuasa, V. Cros, and A. Fert 
    "Large amplitude spin torque vortex oscillations at zero external field using a perpendicular spin polarizer" 
    Appl. Phys. Lett 105, 022404 (2014)
  • A.S. Jenkins, E. Grimaldi, P. Bortolotti, R. Lebrun, H. Kubota, A. Fukushima, K. Yakushiji, G. de Loubens, O. Klein, S. Yuasa, V. Cros
    “Controlling the chirality and polarity of vortices in magnetic tunnel junctions” 
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 172403 (2014)
  • R. Lebrun, N. Locatelli, S. Tsunegi, J. Grollier, V. Cros, F. Abreu Araujo, H. Kubota, S. Tsunegi, A. Fukushima, K. Yakushiji, S. Yuasa
    “Nonlinear behavior and mode coupling in spin transfer nano-oscillators”
    Phys. Rev. Appl  2, 061001 (2014)
  • M. Quinsat, F. Garcia-Sanchez, A. S. Jenkins, A. Zeltser, J. A. Katine, A. N. Slavin, L.D. Buda-Prejbeanu, B. Dieny, M.-C. Cyrille, U. Ebels
    Modulation bandwidth of spin torque oscillators under current modulation 
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 152401 (2014)
  • Houshang, A. ; Fazlali, M. ; Sani, S.R. ; Durrenfeld, P. ; Iacocca, E. ; Akerman, J. ; Dumas, R.K.
    “Effect of Excitation Fatigue on the Synchronization of Multiple Nanocontact Spin-Torque Oscillators”
    IEEE Magnetics Letters, 5, 300404 (2014).

Publications 2015

  • Ezio Iacocca, Philipp Dürrenfeld, Olle Heinonen, Johan Åkerman, and Randy K. Dumas
    “Mode-coupling mechanisms in nanocontact spin-torque oscillators”
    Phys. Rev. B 91, 104405 (2015)
  • M. Romera, E. Monteblanco, F. Garcia-Sanchez, B. Delaët, L. D. Buda-Prejbeanu, U. Ebels
    “Non-linear mode interaction between spin torque driven and damped modes in spin torque nano-oscillators”
    Appl. Phys. Lett.  106, 192405 (2015)
  • F. Abreu Araujo, A. D. Belanovsky, P. N. Skirdkov, K. A. Zvezdin, A. K. Zvezdin, N. Locatelli, R. Lebrun, J. Grollier, V. Cros, G. de Loubens, O. Klein
    “Optimizing magneto dipolar interactions for synchronizing vortex based spin torque nano-oscillators”
    Phys. Rev. B 92, 045419 (2015)
  • N. Locatelli, R. Lebrun, V. Naletov, A. Hamadeh, G. de Loubens, O. Klein, J. Grollier, V. Cros
    ”Improved spectral stability in spin transfer nano-oscillators : single vortex versus coupled vortices dynamics”
    IEEE Trans. Magn. 51, 4300206 (2015)
  • R. Lebrun, A. Jenkins, A. Dussaux, N. Locatelli, S. Tsunegi, E. Grimaldi, H. Kubota, P. Bortolotti, K. Yakushiji, J. Grollier, A. Fukushima, S. Yuasa and V. Cros 
    “Understanding of phase noise squeezing under fractional synchronization of non-linear spin transfer vortex oscillator”
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 017201 (2015)
  • J. D. Costa, S. Serrano-Guisan, J. Borme, F. L. Deepak, M. Tarequzzaman, E. Paz, J.Ventura, R. Ferreira and P.P. Freitas
    "Impact of MgO thickness on the performance of spin transfer torque nano-oscillators"
    IEEE Trans. Magn., 51, 11 (2015)
  • M. Kreißig, A. Richter and F. Ellinger,
    "A variable gain amplifier with variable input impedance and auto-zero feedback for spin torque oscillators"
    Proceedings of the International Semiconductor Conference (CAS), Sinaia, Romania, 12-14 October, 2015, pp. 163-166
  • N. Locatelli, A. Hamadeh, F. Abreu Araujo, A. D. Belanovsky, P. N. Skirdkov, R. Lebrun, V. V. Naletov, K. A. Zvezdin, M. Munoz, J. Grollier, O. Klein, V. Cros, G. De Loubens
    "Efficient Synchronization of Dipolarly Coupled Vortex-Based Spin Transfer Nano-Oscillators" 

Publications 2016

  • A. Purbawati, F. Garcia-Sanchez, L.D. Buda-Prejbeanu, U. Ebels
    "Enhanced modulation rates via field modulation for spin transfer torque oscillators"
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 122402 (2016)
  • M. Fazlali, M. Dvornik, E. Iacocca, P. Dürrenfeld, M. Haidar, J. Åkerman, and R.K. Dumas
    "Homodyne detected ferromagnetic resonance of in-plane magnetized nano-contacts: composite spin wave resonances and their excitation mechanism"
    Physical Review B, 93, 134427 (2016)
  • T. Chen, R.K. Dumas, A. Eklund, P.K. Muduli, A. Houshang, A.A. Awad, P. Dürrenfeld, G. Malm, A. Rusu, J. Åkerman
    "Spin-torque and spin-Hall nano-oscillators"
    Proceedings of the IEEE ( Volume: PP, Issue: 99 )
  • A. Houshang, E. Iacocca, P. Dürrenfeld, S. R. Sani, J. Åkerman, and R. K. Dumas
    "Spin-wave-beam driven synchronization of nanocontact spin-torque oscillators"
    Nature Nanotechnology 11, 280 (2016)
  • A.S. Jenkins, R. Lebrun, E. Grimaldi, S. Tsunegi, P. Bortolotti, H. Kubota, K. Yakushiji, A. Fukushima, G. de Loubens, O. Klein, S. Yuasa, V. Cros
    "Spin torque resonant expulsion of the vortex core for an efficient radio-frequency detection scheme"
    Nature Nanotech 11, 360-364 (2016)
  • Tsunegi, S.; Grimaldi, E.; Lebrun, R.; Kubota, H.; Jenkins, A. S.; Yakushiji, K.; Fukushima, A.; Bortolotti, P.; Grollier, J.; Yuasa, S. & Cros, V.
    "Self-Injection Locking of a Vortex Spin Torque Oscillator by Delayed Feedback"
    Scientific Reports 6, 26849 (2016)
  • R. Lebrun, S. Tsunegi, P. Bortolotti, H. Kubota, A.S. Jenkins, M. Romera, K. Yakushiji, A. Fukushima, J. Grollier, S. Yuasa, V. Cros
    "Mutual synchronization of spin torque nano-oscillators through a non-local and tunable electrical coupling"
  • M. Romera, B. Lacoste, U. Ebels, L. Prejbeanu-Buda
    "Spin torque driven dynamics of a coupled two layer structure: Interplay between conservative and dissipative coupling"
    to appear in PRB
  • S. A. H. Banuazizi, S. R. Sani, A. Eklund, M. M. Naiini, S. M. Mohseni, S. Chung, P. Dürrenfeld, B. G. Malm, and J. Åkerman
    "Order of magnitude improvement of nano-contact spin torque oscillator performance"
    Nanoscale, submitted (2016)