News / Highlights

N°3 - 22 February 2014 - “Perfect and robust phase-locking of a spin transfer vortex nano-oscillator to an external microwave source”

The synchronization to an external source of the auto-oscillation signal generated by the spin transfer driven dynamics of two coupled vortices in a spin-valve nanopillar is studied. Phase-locking to the microwave field hrf occurs in a range larger than 10% of the oscillator frequency for drive amplitudes of only a few Oersteds.

N°2 - 22 February 2014 - “Probing the Anharmonicity of the Potential Well for a Magnetic Vortex Core in a Nanodot”

The anharmonicity of the potential well confining a magnetic vortex core in a nanodot is measured dynamically with a magnetic resonance force microscope (MRFM). The stray field of the MRFM tip is used to displace the equilibrium core position away from the nanodot center. The anharmonicity is then inferred from the relative frequency shift induced on the eigenfrequency of the vortex core translational mode. An analytical framework is proposed to extract the anharmonic coefficient from this variational approach.

N°1 - 9 October 2013 - "Parametric excitation of magnetic vortex gyrations in spin-torque nano-oscillators"

It is demonstrated experimentally that large amplitude magnetic vortex gyrations can be parametrically excited by the injection of radio-frequency rf current at twice the natural frequency of the gyrotropic vortex core motion. The mechanism of excitation is based on the parallel pumping of vortex motion by the rf orthoradial field generated by the injected current.