The aim of the one-day workshop is to present the results achieved by the MOSAIC consortium to a larger audience of specialists across different disciplines from academia and the private sector. This will open a round table bringing together industrial and research representatives to discuss the short-, mid- and long-term vision of spintronic applications. Expected outputs of this meeting are defining potential routes of further exploitation of these microwave components, establishing future collaborative projects and/or providing guidelines towards research in spintronic based microwave applications. 
The FP7 project MOSAIC (2013-2016) gathers leading scientists in the field of spintronics and microelectronics, supported by industrial partners, to explore alternative routes to microwave components using spintronics concepts for telecommunications, data storage and security applications. The aim is to go beyond stand-alone devices and to embed them into electronic RF circuits in order to demonstrate specific functionalities. Important achievements have been made by demonstrating the operation of a phase-locked-loop for signal generation, the operation of wide band microwave frequency detection and novel wireless communications concepts.
Venue The workshop will be organized in the first week of December (date to be confirmed) at a central location in Paris.
For registration and information on the Enduser meeting please contact
Ursula Ebels (SPINTEC)
Paolo Bortolotti (THALES)