Project MOSAIC - N° 317950 - FP7-ICT-2011-8
January 1st 2013 - September 30th 2016

Project Description

Innovative components and systems based on nano-engineered semiconductor, magnetic or insulating materials will be the driving force for the micro- and nano-electronics industry of the 21st century.

For telecommunications systems, but also for data storage and Automation, Control and Security applications, alternative More than MOORE paths to systems are provided by nano-scale microwave spintronics components due to (i) their unique spin polarized transport properties that appear only at nanoscale dimensions (<100nm lateral, and 2-5 nm vertical), (ii) their unique (multifunctional) microwave properties including signal generation, processing and detection and (iii) their compatibility with CMOS technology.

Going beyond previous fundamental research on spintronics devices, this project will target technological breakthroughs not only to generate, but also to process (mix, modulate, synchronise) and to detect microwave frequencies.

Based on innovative spin transfer devices, four discrete systems will be developed that address bottlenecks of current technologies:

  • A - Wireless Telecommunications 1: Ultrawideband frequency synthesis provided by spintronics microwave components with novel circuit design on CMOS for realization of an adapted phase locked loop;
  • B - Wireless Telecommunications 2: Ultrafast frequency detection using frequency discriminating level detection;
  • C - Data storage: Novel dynamic readout schemes for detecting frequency shifts implemented for realization of high data rate read heads;
  • D - Automation control & security: Broad bandwidth, high slew rate proximity sensor based on frequency generation and modulation capabilities.

The broader objective is to bring the device level knowledge acquired in the past years by the partners towards systems as a first crucial step towards industrialization, warranting the leading position not only of European research but also of European industry in microwave spintronics.